Building a Presence and a Personal Web Site

I found myself with a need to reboot my web presence, and what better way to tie all the disparate strands of an intentional Internet footprint together then to link them off a good old personal web page. Well, it’s been a minute, and a CMS was out of the question. I work in Information Security. Gheesh. Those things practically own themselves.

What’s a woman to do? Enter static site generators. Surely you know about these. I did, but I hadn’t really had a reason to set one up. A quick google search turned up the top choices, and Jekyll, as old as it is, made the top of that list for ease, availability of templates, and it’s easy to freely host on GH pages.

I’m not going to go to the trouble of documenting this project, when I just read somebody else’s documentation. But hey, it was a project, and you’re looking at it. Check this tutorial out. It was good enough at the time with the GH docs filling in the rest. Creating Your Blog for Free Using Jekyll Github Pages

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